The Joint Ventures' Blog

Tom Torello – Cambridge, MA

Thursday, July 15, 2021

“The level of personalized care and attention I received at JVPT far exceeded what I have ever experienced before.  I was having pretty significant back pain.  Despite several months of “treatment” by a PT at a University health center, I made little progress: the PT was unable to describe what the source of the pain was, gave me a few exercises to do, and sent me on my way.  I did not feel that my therapist was even remotely interested in helping me.

In contrast, from the moment I called JV it was clear to me that they are dedicated to providing personalized and professional care.   When in the office, every patient was greeted by staff members as if they were old buddies, and I think every patient truly believed that the entire staff was dedicated to helping them.  Though I saw the same PT throughout my treatment, if I had an issue on a day that he wasn’t in, I wouldn’t hesitate to see another PT – because the entire staff greets EVERY patient they see with a smile and a warm greeting (and, if they’d seen me before, some words of encouragement about my progress).

During treatment, my PT explained the cause of my pain in language I could understand, explained what the plan for treatment was, and gave me a clear picture of the timeline for recovery.  He provided clear instructions for the exercises I should do between meetings, and really listened to me at each of the meetings.  For example, if one of the exercises wasn’t working out for me, he’d suggest a few modifications or alternative exercises, not say “oh, forget that, you’re just not ready for it” (which is what my previous PT had told me).  I always felt that my PT was focused wholeheartedly on me during my appointment.

In summary, I feel that the personalized, professional care I received at JV was a key ingredient in my recovery, and I would not hesitate for a moment to return to them or refer friends/family to them.”