The Joint Ventures' Blog

Emily Rusk – Boston, MA

Thursday, July 15, 2021

“I have seen loads of PTs over the years and JV is hands down the best. I used to view PT as something you had to do after you wrecked yourself doing something fun. I kind of approached it by going through the motions, to just finish already and get back to normal life. Former PTs also viewed things this way without stressing that I should really be focusing more on strength and not just on ‘graduating,’

You guys have it all figured out, and I’m a believer, even if I occasionally do stuff you don’t think I should do and don’t make it in as often as we’d both like. The main difference is that you guys give patients your undivided attention – so you know the problem, and you take the time to make sure that the patient is doing the exercises correctly – no cheating. Other PTs have 3-4 patients to attend to at the same time, and won’t notice if you’re doing your list of exercises the right way.  The undivided attention is also good because it puts patients at ease and makes them feel like they are actually getting some help, because you obviously care about getting them better.

At this point, when I have an injury or some kind of musculoskeletal pain, my first thought is to ‘go see JV’ and find out what they think. For most things, I’d rather see you guys first than go to the doc.”