“The team at Joint Ventures has earned my trust and my respect. Each staff member I have encountered has been engaging and helpful with every detail, from insurance coverage to scheduling, to creating a welcoming and relaxed environment.

As a client of JV, I have gone from learning to recover from a painful back injury to acquiring a whole new set of skills designed to improve my core strength, balance and stamina. These, we tend to take for granted, and consequently can lose as we age.  It was important to me to have a plan to prevent future falls.  Taking me each step of the way, my therapist has listened to my concerns and guided me with encouragement and support. Sessions were devoted to demonstration and practice and were followed by an email with instructions for practice at home. As my abilities have improved, so has our determination to work beyond fundamentals.  Possessing exceptional expertise and training in therapy, my PT understood how to take me beyond coping with a birth injury to exploring a whole new range of movement and flexibility. The demonstrable results have sometimes amazed and always gratified me. The dialogue and rapport we have established enables me to ask questions, learn new exercise techniques, and to push myself toward new wellness goals. Designing a program specifically for me, my PT has helped me to gain an overall sense of confidence. As I approach my 70th birthday, “physical therapy for wellness” has become my often repeated maxim.

I recommend Joint Ventures enthusiastically and often. I know that I will return for regular assessment and follow up sessions.”

Marilyn Root – Boston, MA

“Your office actually listens to the objective of the patient and if they have a desire to be able to do MORE than just “walk well” in the future, you do whatever it takes to get them where they want to be.  I think one of the unique characteristics of your firm is that you have so many athletes (*not* pro athletes necessarily, but die hard individuals who are SIGNIFICANTLY more active than the typical person) who you’ve helped to get through whatever major / minor ailments they’ve encountered either as a one-time trauma or through years of wearing down.  This has allowed the people you’ve helped to continue to participate and excel as they strive to do, which is FAR more than any other PT organization I’ve ever heard of (unfortunately that is a rather significant network) or worked with.”

Laura Gleason – Malden, MA

“I would like to recommend Joint Ventures for giving me such amazing experiences ranging from Physical Therapy to massages.  My massage therapist gives the best therapeutic massage I have ever had in my life and I’ve been coming for over 3 years! Then I had a knee injury and my doctor recommended Joint Ventures for physical therapy.  The front desk sat with me to explain insurance matters and co-payments in a gentle informative manner. My physical therapist is absolutely brilliant with her skills and continued treatment of my knee.  The level of knowledge and patience with me is never ending.  The therapists at Joint Ventures work with you on a 1-on-1 basis which makes recovery much easier.  They offer so many services to choose from and I feel so fortunate to have found Joint Ventures.”

Mary Cullen – East Boston, MA

“The real reason I like going to JV is that when I’m there I get 100% attention from the administrative staff and clinical staff.  I feel like you guys really listen. You take your time and give me answers (some I don’t want to hear!). And it doesn’t have a doctor’s office atmosphere.”

Tom Olson – Walpole, MA

“I may be the single biggest fan of Joint Ventures, and especially of my PT.  Yes, I am the ultimate weekend warrior, determined to ‘stay in the game’ no matter how much pressure it puts on my aging joints.  From my first time at Joint Ventures with my first hip replacement, through a shoulder rotator cuff surgery, then thru various ankle and elbow strains, and now on hip replacement number two, I have been a loyal JV client.  Even after being fully healed from succeeding procedures, I would go to JV self-pay to maintain as much flexibility and strength as possible.  Though it’s never my objective to keep needing JV, I couldn’t be more pleased with how they’ve been there for me.”

David Wray – Walpole, MA

“Joint Ventures keeps me going strong! Over the years, their highly proficient staff has worked on my knees, shoulders, and spine – always providing expert care and keeping me out of the operating room.  JV offers a high degree of coordination between physical therapy and personal training services– so you can be sure your weekly workout routines complement the goals of your therapy. All of the staff have strong communication skills and always take the time to explain what may be causing an injury and how their treatment is designed to resolve it. The environment at JV is always welcoming, friendly, and positive.  I always leave fully motivated and energized to follow the staff’s guidance for my daily exercise routines . And insurance processing is never a hassle – in fact I almost never have to deal with it at all!

Bud Ris – Boston, MA

“The level of personalized care and attention I received at JVPT far exceeded what I have ever experienced before.  I was having pretty significant back pain.  Despite several months of “treatment” by a PT at a University health center, I made little progress: the PT was unable to describe what the source of the pain was, gave me a few exercises to do, and sent me on my way.  I did not feel that my therapist was even remotely interested in helping me.

In contrast, from the moment I called JV it was clear to me that they are dedicated to providing personalized and professional care.   When in the office, every patient was greeted by staff members as if they were old buddies, and I think every patient truly believed that the entire staff was dedicated to helping them.  Though I saw the same PT throughout my treatment, if I had an issue on a day that he wasn’t in, I wouldn’t hesitate to see another PT – because the entire staff greets EVERY patient they see with a smile and a warm greeting (and, if they’d seen me before, some words of encouragement about my progress).

During treatment, my PT explained the cause of my pain in language I could understand, explained what the plan for treatment was, and gave me a clear picture of the timeline for recovery.  He provided clear instructions for the exercises I should do between meetings, and really listened to me at each of the meetings.  For example, if one of the exercises wasn’t working out for me, he’d suggest a few modifications or alternative exercises, not say “oh, forget that, you’re just not ready for it” (which is what my previous PT had told me).  I always felt that my PT was focused wholeheartedly on me during my appointment.

In summary, I feel that the personalized, professional care I received at JV was a key ingredient in my recovery, and I would not hesitate for a moment to return to them or refer friends/family to them.”

Tom Torello – Cambridge, MA

“I’ve been seen on and off for over a year now for chronic issues related to hypermobility. Not only is my PT excellent at her job and helped me immeasurably in regards to pain and mobility, but she has made me feel more validated and supported than any medical professional I have ever seen. She actually listens to what I have to say, and is always happy to explain what she’s doing and the physiology of what’s causing my pain. JV is LGBTQ inclusive and their intake forms allow people to self-identify. My PT, and all of JV, wanted me to feel safe and affirmed in their space, and it shows.”

Name Withheld. – Cambridge, MA

“I was fortunate enough to select Joint Ventures to assist me in recovering from a complete achilles tendon rupture.  Their individual treatment rooms and 1-on-1 sessions were intensive and certainly pushed my limits, both physically and mentally.  Not only was I back to walking/jogging within 8 months after my surgery, but I was back to playing volleyball at a competitive level within the same amount of time.  I would recommend Joint Ventures to anyone who wants to quickly get back to their prior level of function and activities.”

Lindsay Goodwin – Framingham, MA

“I have seen loads of PTs over the years and JV is hands down the best. I used to view PT as something you had to do after you wrecked yourself doing something fun. I kind of approached it by going through the motions, to just finish already and get back to normal life. Former PTs also viewed things this way without stressing that I should really be focusing more on strength and not just on ‘graduating,’

You guys have it all figured out, and I’m a believer, even if I occasionally do stuff you don’t think I should do and don’t make it in as often as we’d both like. The main difference is that you guys give patients your undivided attention – so you know the problem, and you take the time to make sure that the patient is doing the exercises correctly – no cheating. Other PTs have 3-4 patients to attend to at the same time, and won’t notice if you’re doing your list of exercises the right way.  The undivided attention is also good because it puts patients at ease and makes them feel like they are actually getting some help, because you obviously care about getting them better.

At this point, when I have an injury or some kind of musculoskeletal pain, my first thought is to ‘go see JV’ and find out what they think. For most things, I’d rather see you guys first than go to the doc.”

Emily Rusk – Boston, MA