TMJ Physical Therapy

Research has shown that a multidisciplinary team including your doctor, dentist, and physical therapist is the best option for treating the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is where the lower jawbone attaches to the skull to allow the mouth to open and close. Similar to any other joint in the body (eg. knee, shoulder or ankle), the TMJ has muscles, ligaments, cartilage and even a disc that effect its function.  When these structures don’t work correctly, it can cause pain in the jaw, head and neck…even headaches and tooth pain!

TMJ Dysfunction, also known as TMD, can often be attributed to the muscles not working properly from chewing; catching or tearing of the articular disc; or a combination of both.

Commonly treated TMJ disorders include:

             • Improper jaw alignment (cross-bite or overbite)

             • Grinding of the teeth

             • Overuse of the jaw

             • Traumatic injury

Patients Receive

Initial Evaluation:  A 40 minute 1-on-1, private initial  evaluation with a licensed physical therapist.
Follow up Sessions: 40 minute 1-on-1 treatments will focus on identifying the underlying cause of the pain, then addressing areas of muscle tightness or changes in tone; manual stretches of the jaw and neck; and strengthening exercises to support the head and neck.

Program Information

Location: TMJ can be treated at all of our convenient Boston area locations.
Attire: Regular comfortable clothing.

Learn More About Physical Therapy

If you have questions about PHYSICAL THERAPY at Joint Ventures or to see if your condition would benefit from physical therapy, please contact our Director of Clinical Operations, Jessica Douglas, at or you can call 617-536-1161 to get more information or to schedule your initial evaluation.


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