Sports Chiropractic Care

Sports Chiropractors specialize in the functional assessment and manual treatment of disorders and injuries to the musculoskeletal (muscles/joints) system. Working together with Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, and Acupuncturists, Sports Chiropractors compliment the patient centered treatment approach offered at Joint Ventures.

They utilize a sophisticated kinetic chain approach for evaluation and treatment that takes into consideration the function of joints and soft tissues above and below the symptomatic area. Innovative treatment plans are tailored specifically to the individual needs of each patient, employing the most effective manual procedures and stabilization exercises available today. Our goal is to restore optimal musculoskeletal function, while educating our patients about self-care and prevention.

If you suffer from a condition that has failed to respond to previous treatment, or you continue to experience recurrences, maybe it’s time you tried our approach. We’re confident you’ll find our distinction a significant one.

If you have questions about Sports Chiropractic Care at Joint Ventures, please contact Leah Rice at: or you can call 617-536-1161 to get more information or to schedule your initial evaluation.


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