Pre- or Post- Physical Therapy Massage

Would you like your recovery to happen faster?  Would some focused soft tissue work before or after your Physical Therapy session help in your recovery?  Schedule a body-part specific massage immediately before or after your physical therapy session to maximize your treatment effect and speed your recovery!

Why get Massage and Physical Therapy together?

With the guidance and recommendations of your physical therapist, one of Joint Ventures’ skilled massage therapist will work to augment the effects of your treatment through specific soft tissue work. The beneficial effects of combining physical therapy’s manual techniques and exercise prescription with massage therapy’s specific soft tissue work are well documented.  Massage work can help to release soft tissue dysfunction related to your injury and allow your Physical Therapist to progress your rehabilitation faster and safer.  If you want to get better faster and experience less pain, this is the best course of treatment for you.

Program Information:

You can schedule a body part specific massage of any length before or after your physical therapy session at the front desk of your Joint Ventures’ office or by calling 617-536-1161. Or, speak to your physical therapist to see if you would benefit from massage.

Location:      Available at all Joint Ventures’ offices.
Cost:             Beginning at $55

For more information, speak to your physical therapist.