Concussion Baseline Screening

Pre-season measurements of cognitive function (short-term memory, orientation, delayed recall, balance, etc.) and neurological screen is valuable to help determine when an athlete can safely return to play in the event that they have a concussion during the season. This testing can be useful for interpreting post-injury test scores as well as to reduce the risk for recurrent head injury.

Program Information:

1. Athletes may have ImPACT testing at their school.

2. 40 minute 1-on-1 private sessions.

3. Screen of neck motion and arm strength.

4. Balance Error Scoring System (BESS Test)

5. Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT-5)

Cost: $100 for one-time assessment. No Insurance required

After testing, the athlete and their family will be provided with baseline data that an overseeing pediatrician, physician, or athletic trainer can use to help determine when the athlete can return to play. This information cannot be used to diagnose a concussion! If an injury is suspected, the athlete should see a primary care provider as soon as possible to establish a treatment plan.

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