About Us

Co-owners Dan Brownridge and Dave Larson opened Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness on May 2, 2005. After years of working as physical therapists in the Boston area, they decided to open their own practice in order to bring a new and unique product to the health and fitness field.

Dan and Dave recognized the need for a clinic that provided the highest level of clinical expertise in the field of physical therapy in an environment where the therapist – patient relationship was the top priority. They wanted to ensure all patients were seen one-on-one by a licensed physical therapist without the use of assistants, aides, or students. They knew that this would result in the patient receiving the best possible skilled care for every moment they are spending in the clinic. The result would be faster functional outcomes and a personalized customer service experience that is unique to the healthcare environment.

Dan and Dave also identified that the customer experience in rehabilitative healthcare often resulted in patients receiving different advice from different professionals. The massage therapist would say something different than the personal trainer and the patient was stuck in the middle trying to decide whom to trust. Recognizing this disconnect between healthcare providers, Dan and Dave decided to bring all the practitioners under one roof to work together to achieve each individual’s goals. By being highly selective in their hiring process, you can be confident that any of the Joint Ventures’ practitioners you have trusted with your healthcare can make a positive change. The result is the truly integrated healthcare experience that is Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness.

When you come to Joint Ventures, you will see the difference it makes when you work with healthcare professionals who truly understand your condition and know how to help you improve your life. Dan and Dave’s vision of a new, technologically advanced clinic, with old school, interpersonal values, has come to fruition in Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness; the only clinics in the Boston area providing one-on-one physical therapy with a licensed physical therapist, as well as personal training, massage therapy, sports chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and yoga all in one.  For more on “Why Choose Joint Ventures?”  click here.

“Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness…Come See the Difference 1-on-1 Care Makes.”